Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty means when you have to do a secondary rhinoplasty after the primary surgery left you dissatisfied about the result. It could be a problem of shape, size, symmetry, and even breathing problems that you didn’t have before.

What are the reasons that can make you need revision rhinoplasty?

1) Choice of the plastic surgeon: if you don’t make enough research about the surgeon, he/she might turn out to be inexperienced and with no aesthetic sense, therefore you will not like the result you will get and need revision rhinoplasty.

2) Not following your doctor’s orders in your recovery months: after the surgery, the doctor usually tells you about what to do and what not to do, what to avoid and everything related to minimizing the bruising and swelling (so if you don’t pay attention to your healing nose and don’t take it easy after the surgery, the possibility of something going wrong increases which will maybe make you need a secondary rhinoplasty)

3) We are all different, and everybody heals differently: your plastic surgeon is talented, everything went great in surgery, you followed your doctor’s orders in the months following the surgery…and yet, you don’t like the result you got and you are thinking about a secondary rhinoplasty! It can happen! And sometimes even if everybody likes your nose, you just find something you still don’t like in it. It’s your nose, it’s your taste, and if you are dissatisfied you can have a revision rhinoplasty.

What should you know about Revision Rhinoplasty?

1) It is more complicated than primary rhinoplasty: there is always scar tissue and some loss of normal anatomical landmarks after the primary surgery, which makes it more difficult.

2) It costs more than primary rhinoplasty: it is a well-known fact that revision rhinoplasty costs more because it is more complicated and requires a higher level of experience that the surgeon should have.

3) Secondary rhinoplasty can be not your best option: your problem could be fixed with a non-surgical option (steroid or cortisone injection done easily after the surface of the skin is anesthetized with cream)

Finally, don’t be afraid if you come to a point when you are seriously considering revision rhinoplasty & hope it goes well!

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